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Wednesday, 2003-12-03

always low prices! i wonder why

Somehow or another — actually, for the purposes of simplicity, blame my Liberal sources — I found and read my first Village Voice article. To say that it impressed me would be a true understatement. Not often do I find myself nodding my head in agreement on every addressed point as it goes with the news.

Here's one that I know I've imagined in some like form in the past:

Attention, Wal-Mart Voters
Rick Perlstein, Village Voice

Here's a riddle: What do shuttered factories manufacture? Democrats. Or at least they might, if the national Democratic Party had the balls to do what needs to be done.

The article presents, as it's underlying theme, the notion that would-be Republicans (especially of the bread and butter, non-urban variety) are now ripe for a Democrat harvest. If only the latter would pursue. If only.


2003-12-19 01:44 / zeke:

Can I just mention that Perlstein knows less that the bearded Bubbas?

Clinton was fully aware as was most of the western world that Bin Laden was in Bosnia with his muhajeddins and then brought then over to Kosovo. Beaner also received a Bosnian passport in 1993 but coming from a country whose 'democratic' president was jailed for his book Islamic Declarations (read the parts about how islam can never co-exist with any other social structure or cohabit with non-muslims it and come back to me) as well as getting funding from Saudi Arabia (where Hillary picked up her koran).

Hell, the CIA called the Albanian Kosovo terrorists the largest and best armed group in the world (makes Al Quaeda look like and Clinton bombed another country for these muslim thugs (read more about Kosovo and how beautiful it is now). Then when they took their act to Macedonia, there was this scene (famous in europe unheard here) where the Macedonian troops had surrounded a few hundred albanian terrorists and guess whose helicopters come over the horizon? Yup..the same ones who worked hand in hand with them in Kosovo. Of course, those dozen or so american 'observers' where probably the real reason for the rescue.

The US has always supported terrorism when it suited their needs.

If there was real justice for 911, they should have taken every president and cabinet since Nobel prize winner Jimmy Carter, gathered them on the lawn of the White House and put a bullet in each ones head, daddy Bush included.

At least give Junior credit for doing more against Beaner than Clinton. To totally wipe out the very existence of Beaner's Balkan adventures suits the Clinton apologists and is simple, the media wont bring it up because it doesnt suit them.

just like no one here would ever dare bring up Wesley Clarke's heroic bombing of a country smaller than rhode island for over three months (what is left to bomb after two weeks?). Clarke's meteoric rise aside (take a look at that 18month period where so many generals 'retired'), or even his war crimes sound bytes where he claims that his aim in bombing water plants or refineries (polluting a river used by a dosen countries) is to make the live of citizens a living hell, and go straight to british general Michael Rose's well known bio where he explains how Clarke's ego almost caused a war with the russians.
The russians had moved in to the airport and the vain one as he is called was livid and ordered Rose to storm the airport with paratroopers and artillery and Rose told him to go screw himself and that he wasnt starting world war 3 because of his head.
Rose then got the full backing of his government and kept his post. Famous book in europe, not a word here. Gee, i guess no reporter in the US has heard of the internet!

And yes, Micheal Moore is a big fat idiot because he believes Clarke's word that he is against war. Really Sherlock? He TOLD you?
And that's all it took?

So while Bush is dick, lets not start the revisionism so soon.

Having travelled in the communists countries before the berlin wall fell, i can tell you that those people were better informed about what was going on in their own country than the US.
And Canada is just slightly better...barely.

Thank god with the internet people in China and the US can surf and see what theyre media dont tell them.


2003-12-19 01:55 / Jonathan Horak:

Just read your posting a couple of times to determine its relevance. I've yet to realize any. That may come off rude but it's not meant to be. I truly do want to know where you're going with it all and more how you got there.

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