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Friday, 2003-12-05

at an intersection

As my readers (all couple of you) have probably started to notice, this weblog is beginning to put quite a bit of focus on politics/social issues. This puts me at a crossroads. Where do I go from here? Should I return to the days of pointless yore? Or follow this new path?

A couple of months ago I bought the domain (which I'll title "seize the 'net"). I'd envisioned an outlet for the kind of topics presented over the past week. Should I go that route? And leave personal postings here?

If you are reading this, I need your input, as I truly don't know where to go from here. Any input (constructive of course) will be appreciated.


2003-12-05 16:31 / Olivia:

What happened to ""

Call my crazy Jon, but I like the personal entries. :o)

2003-12-05 16:46 / Jonathan Horak:

Sadly, it was taken.

I like the personal entries as well. Maybe the two can peacefully coexist?

2003-12-09 20:15 / mike:

Return to the days of pointless yore.

And thanks for the new domain name. I'm trying it here.

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