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Friday, 2003-12-12

woohoo! someone else like me

My girlfriend has told me recently that I should stop buying school books, as I never seem to open/use them. There's a lot of reasoning and truth behind her sentiment. Over the course of the past couple semesters, my college career has turned into a downward spiral.

That said, it's comforting to know that there is at least another out there like me:

A Confession
Anonymous, Group Hug

I have a final exam tomorrow at 1pm, I have not attended a complete class, one of the two books we use is still wrapped in plastic, I think it's some sort of subconscious academic suicide. I feel bad and good at the same time, bad because I'm an idiot for not taking it seriously, good because it feels damn great to let go.

Don't feel too bad for me, friend; I'm making changes (for the better). Here's to a 4.0 next semester! Don't laugh. It could happen.


2003-12-13 00:33 / Olivia:

Weird-ness, your little sister is in the same boat. :o(

She tried really hard this semester to do better though, took all of her books out of their wrapping. *SHOCK* But it still looks like she is going to pull out with only one "B," and two "D's" and the possibility of getting kicked out of Psychology.

It's still possible for a 4.0 next semester though. She's going for it again! Just ONE semester, that's all anyone every really asks for, ONE semester that they can go, look what I did?

You will do it Jon! I know you will.

2003-12-13 01:00 / Jonathan Horak:

Thanks for the more than kind support, sis. I was mainly kidding, though, about getting that 4.0. But 'twould be nice.

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