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Monday, 2003-12-15

look or search? what'll it be, amazon?

Look Inside! LolitaSearch Inside! LolitaLooking through directories on my hard drive and webserver always turns out a treat. Yesterday's wanderings produced the image on the left and was snagged from Amazon's listing of Vladimir Nabokov's 'Lolita'.

Funny, eh?

Well, guess what? I recently found another gem (once again at the same place, Amazon). It's currently featured to your right. Which is funnier? And if you're not catching the humor, I'm a pervert.

Update: More of the same.


2003-12-16 11:46 / monkeyinabox:

Oh man, now I'm going to be spending the day looking for titles on Amazon. Great find!

2003-12-16 21:31 / marko:

That is too funny...great catch...

2003-12-16 23:03 / Jonathan Horak:

Thank you both.

Now I have to sit here and wonder how Mr. Zeldman found this posting (as I'm a web zero).

2003-12-18 12:06 / Avram:

They both look the same to me.

2003-12-18 12:07 / Avram:

Oh, wait, I see the difference now. Never mind.

2003-12-18 13:51 / The ShanMonster:

Beautiful! Thanks for the prurient giggles....

2003-12-18 18:58 / Jonathan Horak:

Glad you enjoyed my lasciviously lewd detour, shanmonster.

2003-12-18 23:07 / daughter:

you're brilliance outshines the sun.

2003-12-19 13:25 / Camilo:

Your great attention to detail is only paralelled by your incredibly dirty mind!

Just in time for Christmas, though :)

2003-12-22 13:48 / john:

20% off?

2003-12-22 21:27 / Jonathan Horak:

For Lolita? Sure appears that way, john.

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