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Tuesday, 2003-12-16


Patriot Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood a.k.a. PABAAH. If that site were a parody (and not actually real) it'd be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Sadly it's not. They're dead serious — and yet surprisingly still laughable.


2003-12-17 09:44 / anon:

Whoa. Thought PABBAH was made up...having seen it featured on a Rob Courdrey piece on the Daily Show last night! Yikes.

2003-12-17 13:27 / Jonathan Horak:

Saw the same segment on Comedy Central last nite myself, anon. I've always had a suspicion that stories reported on The Daily Show (and especially fieldwork pieces) were true. Apparently they are, as a Google search showed.

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