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Friday, 2003-12-26

lost in aggieland

On the way from Celeste (cousin, mom's side) and Tom's house in College Station to Giddings, where I was to get picked up by Gemma, my family managed to lose its bearings. In Aggieland no less. Needless to say, myself and Olivia couldn't help but crack jokes, all the meanwhile feeling out of our respective element.

Having not been inside the Texas A&M campus since I was a little kid, I was a bit shocked to notice the ubiquitousness of the Maroon and White A&M logo. It was everywhere. Company signs, gas stations, clubs, restaurants, sporting goods stores, you name it. There it'd be found. Even on the roof of a Whataburger; a fast food chain defined by the colors orange and white. But maybe this is the reason for such an eyesore (sorry, had to say it) of a logo placement. The colors orange and white are simply too much of a threat to the Ags.

The same may be true of The University of Texas and the Austin community it is in. However, it just doesn't appear to be of the same extent. Then again, I might not be able to see the forest through the trees.


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