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Sunday, 2003-12-28

sexism is alive and well

Read the following and let us know if anything snags your attention.

'Eight Is Enough' actor out as 'Bibleman'
Associated Press article via The Boston Globe

A California pastor will replace "Eight is Enough" television actor Willie Aames as the next "Bibleman," a comic book-style action hero who quotes Scripture to children in a touring ministry.

Aames is stepping down after eight years in the role.

Robert T. Schlipp will assume the role next spring. He'll be joined by his wife, Anayansi Schlipp, who will portray Biblegirl.

Hint: "Bibleman" vs "Biblegirl" (or why is the preacher's wife not a woman?).

Update 2004-11-08 00:24: fixed article link.


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