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Thursday, 2004-01-15

bad ferret

Those close know that the ferret is a favorite animal of mine (alongside dogs and flying squirrels, obvs). But it's ferrets, like the one below, that give their species — Mustela putorius furo — a bad name.

A busy Ben Stiller is exceedingly happy that 'Polly' came along
Angela Dawson, Entertainment News Wire

[Angela Dawson]. Tell me about this ferret incident. What happened?

[Ben Stiller]. I didn't do anything, I swear. It was really weird, because we were doing this final scene where I come running after her, and I'm holding the ferret, and I also had just gotten a root canal the day before. And so maybe he sensed that or something. I was holding him up and he did this crazy-like turn-around thing and literally attached himself to my chin and didn't let go. It was surreal. I didn't provoke him at all.

All good, though. When I read "crazy-like turn-around thing" I imagined Stiller acting out the motion, and broke into a fit of laughter.


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