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Sunday, 2004-03-14

sxsw interactive web awards 2004

I was told before the start of The SXSW Interactive Web Awards that there would be a couple of award winners who wouldn't be able to make it. Three in total.

Turns out there were four. I know this because I was the lucky one who had to accept an award on each absentee winner's behalf a total of, yeah, four times.

Going in to accept for best Classic website, David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary, there was no set game plan. Little did I know, my first acceptance would create a hit of a shtick (this is entirely based on audience reaction, not my own ego). True to character, I said "I don't know what I'm doing here. I'm just an intern," or something to that end.

For the second (best Educational Resource) I was already extremely nervous and congratulated "Educational Resource" not Answerbag. Two down. One to go (again, so I had thought).

By this time, my creative and improv capabilities (both none) were running low. So I asked Shawn what could be said for best Services website — HP Digital Imaging - You — that would be funny and original. With his advice, I got up to the lecturn and tacitly said "I like my printer." Finally, I thought "whew I'm done." Sadly, it wasn't yet meant to be.

To add to my embarrassment, Peggy (SXSW Volunteer Coordinator) had my infamous badge handed over to the MC, John Halycon Styn. In turn, he showed it on the video projection screen for all to see.

When the winner of best Student website was announced (Elusive Realm New Media) there was about 15 seconds of delay before we realized no one was available to accept the award. I got up once more and started walking to the podium. The first thing I said was "My dog did actually eat my badge" followed by "as a student, I feel I can actually accept this award."

So I did and that was that.


2004-04-01 00:34 / Joel Downs:

Heya Jonathan - sorry I wasn't there to pick up my award! I really wish I could have been there, if only to relieve you of your burden of accepting for all of us. ;) Btw, do you still have that award? I was wondering what happened to it...

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