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Thursday, 2004-04-08

old man dentler has a blog?

Matt Dentler — of SXSW Film fame (say that five times fast, pardoning the excessive alliteration of the character 'F' and this extremely long sentence segment) — now has a blog.

Matt Dentler, blogging at IndieWire
Bloggin' from Austin

So here it is... the "blog." I've never had a blog before. My grandfather first came to this country back in the 1930s because he heard we had good blogs. I hope to make him proud.

With Matt jumping onboard I may have to jump ship. Regardless, the term blog, as we presently know it, has now and forever changed.


2004-07-31 20:00 / Amanda:

what's your beef with matt?

2004-07-31 20:04 / Jonathan Horak:

No beef. I intern at SXSW Interactive and know Matt personally. Just giving him a hard time.

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