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The Writings on the Stall

Monday, 2004-04-12

the writings on the stall (gets some love)

The Writings on the Stall has been Boing Boing'd. Much thanks, Cory.

Collected toilet walls
Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

Writings on the Stall is a site that collects bathroom graffiti -- they want your submissions. Link (Thanks, Jonathan!)

The number of writings flowing in is just mind-boggling. In less than a day's time we've already surpassed the number of entries since mid-2002.

All I have to say is keep 'em coming.


2004-04-13 10:45 / j:

in you first post you mention the graffiti in the UGL
'subvert the dominant paradigm' someone one wrote later.
'What if that is the dominant paradigm?'


2004-04-13 13:15 / Jonathan Horak:

So that was on the same stall at the UGL as my original post and a response to it? Or you saw this elsewhere? Thanks j.

2004-04-13 16:49 / jarred:

Well, this was a few years ago when I was doing my undergrad but yes it was in the men's UGL bathroom. I am pretty sure it was on the same floor as the computer lab.

2004-04-13 19:03 / Jonathan Horak:

For those tuning in at home: this is all incredibly exciting.

The writing Jarred found is very likely the same one I referred to two years ago. It probably is, considering he saw it "a few years ago" as I did.

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