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Thursday, 2004-04-22

an employee scorned

New York City blogger [name removed] was fired by Bobley-Harmann today (asking for a raise — grounds for a layoff?).

Instead of going down without a fight [removed] has created a couple of blogs that'll vilify his previous employer, and its clients. They mostly feature fact with some fiction thrown in for spice:

Stick it to The

Make sure to check out a few of his Star Blogger celebrity parody sites, especially that of Eminem, Debbie Mathers and the Friends cast. The upside to his firing? He'll have plenty to work on in his downtime!


2004-04-24 11:06 / sexmoneydrugs:

Yo - dude, PLEASE take my name off this piece ASAP. It's showing up in the Google searches. I don't wanna have my name even associated with that company, in any way.

Thanks, sorry to be a pain in the ass.

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