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Sunday, 2004-05-02

friends, not!

I periodically direct criticism at the sheep who blindly follow the Friends marketing machine, ahem, series. It is probably fitting, therefore, that I take an active role at Friends - The Weblog Diaries, a parody site guised as the official blog of the cast.

As the Friends season finale airs, I'll portray Ross in a live chat with the rest of the cast. Considering the countless number of fans who have already fallen as fools at the website before, this should be a romp of a good time.


2004-05-05 03:44 / corzo:

thats insane that people will actually fall for it
i might actually log in and witness this for myself

2004-05-05 04:52 / Jonathan Horak:

Corzo: You can even help if you want (let me know).

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