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Sunday, 2004-05-09

fair use has a what?

Unlike the cool kids that are capable of putting stickers on their laptops chaotically, I have to position them surgically.

I'm tragically un-cool.

Regardless, I enjoy watching people double-take my EFF quote, which reads "FAIR USE HAS A POSSE".

Fair use has a, nu-uh, it doesn't say that. Or does it? The "oh!" face immediately — well, not for everyone — follows. Then a puzzled "I don't get it" befalls the casual viewer. You probably never will.

So I'm not hip; but at least I have my arrogance to fall back on.


2005-10-03 08:27 / Nybble:

Yes, I am EXACTLY THE SAME WAY! It takes me like 10-20 minutes to put a sticker on my laptop. Any other thing i dont care where the sticker is. Funny isnt it?

2005-10-03 22:46 / Jonathan Horak:

This entry was posted back when I was borrowing a loaner-type laptop from my employer (after my laptop broke).

Now that I have a pristine white Apple iBook, though, I keep it protected from scratches and especially gooey stickers.

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