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Wednesday, 2004-05-26

bite the big apple

Gemma and I head out to New York in just a couple of days. We'll be there until early August, staying with a best friend. This means my 21st birthday (and the summer of) will be in the greatest of cities — never been, so this isn't said from personal experience. Not bad for a milestone if you ask me.

Everything is set, including itinerary, 'cept for one rather important detail: I'll be traveling without a laptop, or at the very least with a broken one.

My intentions, once there, are to intern and freelance my web design capabilities. Considering this and how I seem to fail at functioning sans laptop, what to do other than buy a new one?

I've pledged to switch, whether I buy another laptop or not, so purchasing an Apple now will only hasten the process. But the decision-making doesn't hinge there; iBook or PowerBook, that is the burning question.

Funny thing — if I indeed make a determination: whatever I choose will be an accesory to my iPod. Doesn't it usually go the other way around? Oh, I get it. Good one, Steve!


2004-05-26 18:43 / geekdreams:

I have an iBook G4 (12") and the only thing I regret is not getting the higher-end model from the get-go; I've already maxed out the HD and I'm fiending for more memory.

But unless you'll be doing multimedia projects that require certain ports (Firewire 800, DVI, etc.), the iBook is a good choice.

See also: this thread on Livejournal

2004-05-27 17:16 / Jonathan Horak:

Thanks for your advice geekdreams. When it comes time to buy, I've settled on the iBook.

Per your experience: I would eventually crave the 14" iBook as well, if I bought the 12" model instead.

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