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Tuesday, 2004-06-08

to do (in new york)

This is a simple record of where I've been in New York and where I intend to go. Help make my time in the area more interesting by suggesting places I should check out.

Eat/ate at:


See/n, Visit/ed:

Many of these locations will be visited multiple times throughout the summer.


2004-06-09 10:51 / photojunkie:

Things to add to your list..

- Coney Island.
- Union Square Park
- CD hopping around St Marc's
- Grand Central Station

There is this Angel Statue in the middle of Central Park. You gotta go see it.

There are a ton of other things, I just can't think of them at the moment.

2004-06-09 12:57 / Jonathan Horak:

Thanks for the suggestions, Rannie, they've been added to the list. What's CD hopping though?

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