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Wednesday, 2004-06-09


Rannie Turingan has posted at photojunkie what is now my favorite picture of — pardon the self-aggrandizing — myself.

My photo-commentary. I can take no credit for this picture. The hair is patented to Bed Head Stick and the charismatic glance appears courtesy of a couple beers. The superb quality of the photo: all Rannie.


2004-06-18 08:17 / photojunkie:

Feel free to use the photo on your bio page if you like.


2004-06-25 11:55 / Jonathan Horak:

I'd actually thought of doing that but was going to ask you first, of course.

2004-07-06 00:31 / taylor:

hey, that is SUCH a good picture! i love it! have fun in the big apple!!!!!!

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