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Friday, 2004-06-25

the last straw

What is it with straws in New York? Go to a gas station and get a drink: "Do you want a straw with that?"


I'm not the drink-with-a-straw type. Maybe this is due to what my dad used to always say, "real men don't drink with a straw."

Yes, I have issues (with straws) that go back to my childhood.


2004-06-26 20:38 / Paul:

Looking forward to your rollout!

2004-07-22 14:37 / DCameron:

How about if they ask if you want ice with that, and then fill the cup almost completely with ice, with only a little bit more room left for your Coke. What is it with people and ice? Are you going to be harbouring the drink THAT long?

2004-07-22 14:49 / Jonathan Horak:

I prefer my cup as full with ice as possible. Not a single ice cube is ever spared.

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