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Wednesday, 2004-07-28


Around the corner is Mano's Papaya. Considering how expensive food tends to be in New York, a joint that charges $2.50 for two hot dogs and juice provides a welcome sight. The owners there are nice. Always friendly.

When I ask for two hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard I also ask for their banana concoction (anticipating their next question).


J.P. can't recall this expression, which I find both redundant and endearing, even though he is more a Mano's regular than I. Still, I ask it of him sporadically; our little in-joke.

Luckily I shared the moment when the question was posed, although I turned to avoid eye contact. (I could tell he had a laugh that was about to break, as did I.)

With our laughter held in for the moments at the cash register, we headed out for the short walk home — in hysterics.


2004-07-29 17:04 / curly nick:

go to the corner of 41st and 9th ave, there is a pizza stand there that charges a dollar a slice and drinks are also a dollar. hell, everything there is a dollar, i think they even have women in the back for a dollar.

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