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Thursday, 2004-08-19

always interested in supporting...

Another Useless Website.

Wednesday, 2004-08-18

alternatives to "kill[ing] your children"

Growing up, I had two options: drink a coke or make a little money.

Let me clear that up.

In my lifetime, there has always been a barrage of drink advertisements for me to see. And for my parents to contend with, so they leveled the field.... If I'd drink water, milk or unsweetened iced tea instead of unhealthy sodas and sugary drinks, Mom or Dad would hand me (in cold cash) the value of said sweet beverages. Money or sugar? To a kid who can stretch a dollar? No-brainer.

To this day, I recite the accompanied mantra of my parents: "Water is the best drink in the house."

The above is a response to "Kill Your Children" — a ChangeThis manifesto.

Tuesday, 2004-08-10


The following are some notes jotted down on a napkin at around 02:00 this past Sunday after leaving SouthBeach (apparently a.k.a. SoBe), a gay club in Houston.

Two drinks for a dollar, courtesy of my patience at the bar during a long wait. Um, thanks!

A girl got caught staring blatantly at said bar during said wait.

Later I went to the bar on the opposite end of the club with my brother to get some drinks. A group of guys there pointed at my hair and talked about it.

I imagined their remarks as compliments.

Turns out, here's what they said, via Matthew's memory: "Your hair's to tall. You should get it cut."

A guy by the stairs in front of the entrance to the restroom threw a shirt at me. "How come you don't talk to anybody," he asked.

"I'm straight."

"Do you have a problem with us?"

"We're cool."

To make up for remarks earlier in the nite about my hair, a guy approvingly tapped it as I walked down the stairs leading to the dance floor. Thus reinflating my damaged ego.

Friday, 2004-08-06

bush misspeaks (yet again!)

Think before you speak, Dubya — if, indeed, you are capable:

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.

Via Reuters: Bush Misspeak Cites U.S. Readiness to Harm U.S.

Sunday, 2004-08-01

travel glitch

To give you an idea of how today's travels went for Gemma and I, read this article from CNN. Then consider our carrier: US Airways. But don't cry for us, just yet.

We'll be laid over in Pittsburgh until tomorrow and are going to be miserable. What with our first-class (upgraded) flight and vouched meals and hotel room — with, argh, highspeed Internet.