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The Writings on the Stall

Tuesday, 2004-08-10


The following are some notes jotted down on a napkin at around 02:00 this past Sunday after leaving SouthBeach (apparently a.k.a. SoBe), a gay club in Houston.

Two drinks for a dollar, courtesy of my patience at the bar during a long wait. Um, thanks!

A girl got caught staring blatantly at said bar during said wait.

Later I went to the bar on the opposite end of the club with my brother to get some drinks. A group of guys there pointed at my hair and talked about it.

I imagined their remarks as compliments.

Turns out, here's what they said, via Matthew's memory: "Your hair's to tall. You should get it cut."

A guy by the stairs in front of the entrance to the restroom threw a shirt at me. "How come you don't talk to anybody," he asked.

"I'm straight."

"Do you have a problem with us?"

"We're cool."

To make up for remarks earlier in the nite about my hair, a guy approvingly tapped it as I walked down the stairs leading to the dance floor. Thus reinflating my damaged ego.


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