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Sunday, 2004-09-19

the postal service

Bit late, I know, but The Postal Service: Give Up is blowing my mind. Why didn't I hop onto the indie-pop mail delivery truck earlier?


2004-09-19 22:40 / pinder:

by your last 2 posts, my guess is you've been listening to the Garden State soundtrack?

2004-09-19 23:00 / Jonathan Horak:

Safe guess. So yeah, you caught me. :) The Postal Service isn't technically on the Garden State soundtrack, unless you're considering Iron & Wine's cover of "Such Great Heights."

I am listening to a whole lot more new music though, in general. I think my Apple iBook/iPod combo is to blame.

2004-09-29 14:50 / photojunkie:

I love the postal service....

check out "her space holiday"

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