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Wednesday, 2004-09-22

gmails to give

I have done nothing more than login to my Gmail account. Not a single email has been sent or received. So it came as much surprise that I now have six invitations to give.

Want one?

Leave your first name, last name and email address in a comment. After sending an invite I'll make your request anonymous. If you'd like to offer a trade, not necessary, you can design a bathroom tile background for The Writings on the Stalldetails.

One offer will be temporarily held back in the event that this entry is (near) immediately flooded with requests.

Update: Well, that never happened. Gave out my last invite today.


2004-10-20 19:23 / Kathi England:

Don't know a whole bunch about "gmails" othere than they have unlimited storage and are a free email service. What's the big deal anyway? I could use an email account with storage - the hotmail one runs out. Other than that, I can't figure these things out!
Let me know!

2004-10-20 21:33 / Jonathan Horak:

Kathi, sent you an invite. Check your Hotmail account...

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