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Monday, 2004-10-11

the dallas high five

This weekend the Gemma and I witnessed the grotesque marvel that is the (euphemistically named) Dallas High Five. Straight out of Metropolis, or hell, this beast of a highway interchange arose in the darkness of the night.

We found ourselves guided through a temporary one lane connection — I-75 to I-635 — on our way to our hotel. No need for sleep. The nightmare that is the Dallas highway system had already enveloped us.


2005-04-09 13:25 / jase:

yes, quite a beast of a freeway interchange, but it's rather handy if you can imagine. 635 is a *nightmare* nearly any time of the daylight hours, so hopefully this will help...

2005-04-17 22:31 / Jonathan Horak:

As a resident of Austin, and only occasional visitor of Dallas, I'm definitely not an authority on the highway system there.

But I do understand — being a resident of traffic-stricken Texas — how the completion of a large interchange can improve the daily commute.

As an example, I present 290/71: map view/satellite view.

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