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Thursday, 2004-10-21

aids walk austin

My sister, Olivia, is participating in AIDS Walk Austin this year. She's only a short ways away from reaching her (new) goal of $500! Donate to a worthy cause and help push her fundraising over the top.


2004-10-22 12:02 / pinder:

Kramer: Aidswalk! That's a cake walk!

2004-10-23 22:49 / Olivia-Beth:

I volunteer the hours of a part-time worker at AIDS Services of Austin. I am also close to my goal and would like to hit it. It might be only a 5K, but it's no cake walk. It takes persistence to raise a lot of money especially as a student trying to raise money. So, don't call it a cake walk without making a little donation and help me hit my goal. :-D

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