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Sunday, 2004-10-24

all systems no

With a heavy heart, I voted no for Capital Metro's commuter rail plan. It just wasn't what it should be. I couldn't be any more pro-transit and therefore any less against the All Systems Go proposal.

Here's why:

Chip Rosenthal has made an outstanding point: "Commuter rail is intended to move people relatively quickly over long distances. Think Cedar Park to the Capitol, not 6th Street to campus. A working commuter rail line would be great, it would relieve some of the pressure on routes such as I-35 and Mopac."

Journey on over to Mike Dahmus' blog; his opinions are better formed and more detailed than my own. They are also the primary reason why I reconsidered my support of commuter rail.


2005-08-03 10:30 / Jerry Roane:

Capmetro needs to look past the past and pick a newer technology for spending tax dollars. Buying a diesel train in this day and age is absurd. The pollution from trains accounts for 10% of Texas NOx pollution yet trains do not move 10% of the people and things. The amount of iron and steel that a train takes to carry a few hundred people (2 buses worth) causes these vehicles to waste energy and pollute more than you can imagine. Capmetro has not even done the pollution calculations per passenger or they would not have proposed such a plan. Patent number 6,923,124 is a more current technology that pollutes much less and costs much less yet gives the riders freedom to go where they want when they want to go there door to door in air conditioned comfort.

2005-08-05 17:44 / Jonathan Horak:

Personal rapid transit (PRT) is an interesting proposition, although only just that as of yet. When a large-scale PRT plan is built out, and after vetting the system (if it proves efficient, effective) I think we'll see more local governments take interest.

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