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Friday, 2004-11-05

my liberal bleeding heart

After watching the election results come in until around 06:30 on Wednesday, I flattened into bed for a short rest. Just two hours later, on a bus headed for school, I started tearing up, having allowed myself to finally realize that Bush would once again become President.

This, though, was only an immediate, tangible cause of the swell of emotion within. What hurts most is that hatred of gays helped pull citizens to the polls. Eleven of eleven states passed amendments defining marriage between a man and a woman. Was this necessary? No. "Merely politics," some might say; and gays were caught in the crossfire.

At this point I saw, across the aisle, an individual melting: myself. After witnessing the poor guy's heart bleed onto the floor, I snapped back and found my chest in my throat. Following a deep swallow and an even deeper breath, I found myself buoyant, energized. Yes, the next four years will be challenging. But I am ready to face them head on.


2004-11-06 00:09 / Matt:

after reading this post, i realized that passion is the only thing that the other side will never take away from us. keep strong buddy, the man will never keep us down, ever!

2004-12-06 15:21 / Scott:

As a Republican and a Christian, I think we've been misunderstood and misrepresented by the press and those who disagree with us. We don't hate gays - we simply disagree with them and don't believe that such a small percentage of the population should be able to redefine the meaning of marriage for everyone.

2004-12-06 19:13 / Jonathan Horak:

Yes, you may not hate gays. Are you tolerant of a lifestyle that they haven't chosen, though? My guess: no.

It is my belief that no person would intentionally subject his/herself to the homophobia that is apparent in this country, unless being gay weren't a choice. Did you choose to be heterosexual?

"We...don't believe that such a small percentage of the population should be able to redefine the meaning of marriage for everyone."

I'd like to know why a redefinition of marriage harms you then.

Before you respond, please bear in mind that what I have written is not intended to be inflammatory. I am genuinely interested in reading your case.

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