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Wednesday, 2004-12-08

hyp(ocratic) britpop

Twice today Gemma downed Keane (specifically their single "Somewhere Only We Know"); both times I've had her eat her words. And both times she referred to the band in a manner that isn't to be repeated. Children may be reading.

See, she happens to love Travis and will often mention how they grew up only a short distance from where she did in Scotland. Keane, like Travis, hails from the UK. Both groups sound like whiny Brits — much like Gemma, but I digress. The lead singers of both bands have the same strain in their voices. Not to mention their overall sounds evoke similar emotion in this listener.

My intention isn't to knock Britpop. If it were, we'd find me as hypocritical — been listening to plenty of The Verve/Richard Ashcroft these days. No, this entry should show how Gemma picking on Keane is akin to picking on her Travis.

Update 2005-12-25 22:18: Track removed from server.


2004-12-14 00:50 / Matt:

brits are hot

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