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Saturday, 2005-01-08

out at trudy's

Evan and I went to Trudy's Central for dinner before heading to a couple bars downtown. I'll point out some details from the meal; infer what you will.

As I finished my meal, our waiter asked if he could take my plate. Told him I was still working on it. He replied, "good, because then you'll be a part of the Happy Plate Club." What the? Later declared me the winner because my plate was clear while Evan's wasn't. Again, seriously?

The waiter stopped by and picked up/fondled my cell phone. Said he liked it a lot, particularly because it's black. Well not exactly, I thought, as it's actually blue. He might have noticed this if he hadn't looked at me the entire time it was felt up by his hands.

After the waiter dropped the check, he called Evan's glasses cool. Seemed like a pity compliment, though. Sorry Ev, what can I say; actually, there is something to be said — I'm just way hotter.

The host kept our Ice Tea pleasantly full the ENTIRE evening. Coincidental that he was a flamer? Considering other occurrences, probably not. Can two straight male friends hang out over a nice romantic meal and not be treated like partners? I mean damn, you know!

This has been a Post to the Past Production.


2005-01-15 02:35 / julz:

wow - it's different where you live dude.

2005-01-27 08:06 / Olivia-Beth:

Yay but he was being nice. I don't think that is a bad thing. I have been out on a dates with partners and got stuff "accidently" thrown on me!

2005-02-17 12:17 / Jonathan Horak:

At julz: Yeah, although most Austinites I know — myself included — would consider that a compliment.

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