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Tuesday, 2005-01-11

ipod shuffle

Steve Jobs at the Macworld keynote, in reference to the new iPod Shuffle (my transcript):

I heard a little rumor that there might be some over at the Apple Store a few blocks away.

As I read the rough transcript at The Mac Observer's Live Coverage article I knew it'd be on eBay in no time; especially considering it won't be on the shelves/shipping for at least a week.

Hunch: right — search for iPod Shuffle and you shall see.


2005-02-03 19:11 / Gothic industrial music dark fantasy art:


2005-02-06 21:24 / shutup:

it's been a month dude, what gives? time to blog more..



huts wednesday maybe? okay, you've got a deal.

2005-02-06 22:57 / Jonathan Horak:

Gothic industrial music dark fantasy art, eBay is cute, isn't it?

Jason (i.e. shutup)?, I've had a post in the waiting. It'll go up just for you. And we're down for Huts.

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