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Thursday, 2005-07-28

blue october

Found out today that Blue October, a band I've followed for nearly a decade, is set to release a new album on 2005-10-11, tentatively titled Foiled.

Not completely there with the new album name but at least one definition, which Justin — the band's lead singer — hinted we look at does seem fitting to his personal stories: "[t]o prevent from being successful; thwart."

Two years may not be a long time between releases, but History for Sale was so compellingly good I'm getting anxious.

[And as it seems to always go these days, I've created a Wikipedia article detailing some Blue October specifics I'm aware of.]

Wednesday, 2005-07-27

compulsive skin picking

I'm 22 and have picked at my face for around three years now. I'm not really sure how long it's been since my face has been clear, although looking through old photos would probably give me a good idea.

I don't know what to do about my face any longer, and have come to accept this aspect as part of who I might always be. That said, getting rid of the mirror in my apartment would probably help. Problem is, it's not mine to remove and this wouldn't solve my problem. Any mirror, even in public, may lead to a picking session.

Finding support groups has helped, though. For some time I thought I was the only one, as I now know many others here have also felt. Some lucky combination of search words had led me to the term "compulsive face picking", finally giving me a name for my condition.

If you're interested, I have started an article on this topic at Wikipedia that anyone has the permission to edit: compulsive skin picking. Please do so, as it will serve useful for others out there in my condition (and those around).

Wednesday, 2005-07-20

kid rock(s) someone's world?

On campus today I passed a girl wearing a Kid Rock t-shirt. Considering the number of people on the planet, it makes sense — in theory, at least — that there would be a Kid Rock fan out there. This doesn't, however, take away from the creepiness of seeing the one (fan) in the flesh. [Shudder.]

Wednesday, 2005-07-06


Whoa Dreamhost, you're so totally rocking my socks off! Keep up the great work; you'll keep my loyalty and I'll continue to blog your praises. Here's a taste of how well they treat their customers, excerpted from an email which prompted my return from the abyss.

Dreamhost Newsletter v7.6
That's right! Every week, your plan limits will grow as follows, at absolutely no charge:

L1: 20MB disk and 1GB bandwidth each week!
L2: 40MB disk and 1.5GB bandwidth each week!
L3: 60MB disk and 2GB bandwidth each week!
L4: 80MB disk and 2.5GB bandwidth each week!

So, the longer you host with us, the more you've got! AND, we're so nice we've even retroactively grown your limits based on how long you've been hosting with us already (up to a one year max)!

Having started at 192 GB transfer per month/7680 MB storage, I'm now at 233 GB transfer per month/8520 MB storage. Oh, and my plan is Level 3 (L3), hence the emphasis in the quoted text.

[Bias alert: I get a kickback if you follow the above Dreamhost link. If you don't wish to send some duckies my way — completely understandable — follow this link instead: Dreamhost rocks!]