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Thursday, 2005-07-28

blue october

Found out today that Blue October, a band I've followed for nearly a decade, is set to release a new album on 2005-10-11, tentatively titled Foiled.

Not completely there with the new album name but at least one definition, which Justin — the band's lead singer — hinted we look at does seem fitting to his personal stories: "[t]o prevent from being successful; thwart."

Two years may not be a long time between releases, but History for Sale was so compellingly good I'm getting anxious.

[And as it seems to always go these days, I've created a Wikipedia article detailing some Blue October specifics I'm aware of.]


2005-08-27 06:45 / patrice:

i LOVE blue october though i have not been a fan for quite as long as you have. recently my brother intriduced me to it and now i am obsessed!! i cant wait till 'foiled' is released either... its been a long wait but well worth it!

2005-10-12 10:10 / Blue Fan:

Is Piper Dagnino still in the band? Will she tour with the band in 2005?

2005-10-12 15:15 / Jonathan Horak:

Piper has been replaced by former Blue October bass guitarist Matt Noveskey.

2006-03-06 15:10 / Wendy L.:

I've known Blue October for awhile...
I first met Ryan Delahouyse (the violinist) when i started my first restaurant job @ AuntiePasto's.
We worked together there, soon after Justin started there as well. They soon after that found Liz who became their Bass player.
Jeremy, (Justin's brother) of course on drums.
We all became good friends. I used to go to their rehearsals which were sometimes sitting on the grass on his parents frontyard.
I'm so happy for them.
I miss u guys... WENDY.

2006-04-11 18:38 / Christina Leah:

This might come as a shock but I'm a 30 year old stay at home mother of a 5 year old and for the last 3 years Mudvayne has been my personal favorite rock band in the world. Friends never thought any other band would ever be able to kick them off the pedestal I have them on. But 1 month ago I heard 'Hate Me' on The Buzz and quickly began to weep. After a week a waiting I finally found out the name of the song and the name of the band and have KICKED Mudvayne off the pedestal and replaced them with Blue October. Not only did the lyrics touch me but the whole production in the song was the most passionate and dark song I have ever heard. The words "beautiful pain" and "sinister whimsy" describe my thoughts on the song. I love music that has meaning and great production. Blue October is that band. I still like Mudvayne, but the emotional octane in Justin's voice over Chad's half singing half screaming. I pick Justin any day. And he is pretty damn sexy.

2007-03-07 17:50 / brittanie:

i LoVE blue october...
im probly the biggest fan there will ever be!
im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
excited to go to there concert!
they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
asome to listen to and i could live with
listening to them all day and all night!
i cant belive they r going to the roseland theatre!
im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
well im at school doing this and im going to get i n trouble!

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