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Friday, 2005-08-12

faith-based hypocrisy

While waiting to get a table at a restaurant near our apartment, a curious juxtaposition caught my eyes... That of a woman wearing a large cross necklace dangling in front of a t-shirt with the phrase "I don't like you" in big bold type.

Now, I may not be a man of faith, but I do know the example Jesus provided (that even this atheist would do well to follow) primarily involves caring for others. Her "message" struck me as hypocritical.

I could go on about how this reminded me of my own experiences with the church, the key word being hypocrisy, but this is more casual thought than rant.


2005-09-03 11:50 / new age film composer:

Its sad that people give so little thought to the images they project :(

2005-09-05 05:11 / sugarfish:

Yup! I don't feel like ranting either. There really is no point. I have a similar tale of hypocrisy...

There is a parking lot near a bank, near my local Starbucks. In that parking lot there has been (for several months) a car with a very nasty oil leak. It's obviously been abandoned (or as I think of it: left for someone else to worry about). As I was walking by it one day, for about the 20th time, I noticed a rather large "Jesus Loves You" tag hanging from the rear-view mirror. I had the same thought as you. How can anyone call themself a Christian, and then pull crap like this?

Y'know, what really makes me angry, is not so much these senseless acts, but it's when 'they' say that I, being a perfectly rational atheist, can't possibly have a moral compass! Yet I wouldn't do that in a million years.

2005-09-23 11:55 / Drum n Bass:

hypocrisy angers me

2007-03-07 19:39 / Film Composer:

Did you tell her so?

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