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Sunday, 2006-10-01

buying tickets to the red river shootout

Last year I queried HornFans and craigslist for ticket buying advice for the annual Red River Shootout. I hadn't missed the Texas/Oklahoma game the previous four outings (since freshman year 2001) and wasn't going to last year either.

As craigslist doesn't preserve postings, I figured the advice I gathered might be helpful to others in this situation. So I'm updating my notes and offering them below.

Everyone who responded that had attempted to buy tickets around the State Fair in the past were successful. I kind of expected this response, though, based on what I already knew about the process. Some pointers I received:

No matter what, there is the risk that you may go to Dallas and end up empty handed. But that risk, according to responses received, does seem rather low.

This year, I'm already off to a better start with one ticket secured (three left to go). But I'm still short the tickets needed — as I imagine will be the case many more times in the future.


2006-10-06 10:24 / eliz. s.:

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