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science, technology and society

Science, Technology and Society (STS) "[i]ntegrate[s] approaches from the liberal arts, social sciences, and humanities with new developments in science and technology." STS is currently only available as either a minor or a concentration and falls under the College of Liberal Arts.

The program was originally known as Technology, Literacy and Culture, under which I received my first 'A' at The University, and the majority of all other aces. If either STS or TLC were a major I would've graduated already.

331: User Interface as Design Practice

Professor: Tonya Browning
Semester: Spring 2002

Coursework to be placed online soon.

370: Research Internship

Professor: Elizabeth Keating
Semester: Summer 2005

For this class I've interned at Visa and completed a final project outlining my experiences, at semester's end.