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technology, literacy and culture

They said it best: "Technology, Literacy and Culture is an interdisciplinary concentration in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas. Our aim is to give students, faculty, and others in the community the opportunity to explore the wide range of social impacts of information technology, using the diverse approaches of the Liberal Arts, social sciences, and humanities. TLC students develop hands-on literacy using new media and a sophisticated understanding of their social impacts, now, in the past, and in the future."

Note: The name of the program changed to Science, Technology and Society in November 2003.

311: Intro to Web Development

Professor: Cindy Royal
Semester: Spring 2003

Visit the class home page — it should still be up. Also, pease check out my completed projects, which will be better organized soon.

321: Intro to TLC

Professor: Troy Lovata
Semester: Spring 2002

All projects for TLC 321 are available online.