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Monday, 2002-05-13

a google bomb request for all my loyal minions

I mentioned earlier that Google is by far my favorite search engine. This is mainly because it works so well. And one of the reasons for this is how it has become so powerful. It depends on links from indexed pages. If enough people were to put a link to Random Ramblings on their web pages, my site would eventually show up as one of the top results on Google...whereas right now it isn't. Correction, I just found out it is! What the hell is going on. Out of 7,870 pages all featuring "Random Ramblings" mine is at the top. Wow!

Well, back to the topic of this post. A fellow weblogger, Leslie Harpold was screwed by VeriSign out of her domain name. So the goal is to put the following link to an article on as many webpages as we can. VeriSign will not take care of this issue for her. So we are going to take care of VeriSign, if you know what I'm a sayin'.

Without further ado: VeriSign, VeriSign, VeriSign, VeriSign.


2002-05-13 06:22 / Olivia:

Hey J,
When I get home I will add it to my weblog, but I need you to make a link to your entry so that if I put it up a zillion times, it still makes since... OK? I would not want that to happen to me either, when you get our websites...
Love Ya,

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