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Sunday, 2002-06-30

vans warped tour

Patrick won tickets to the Van's Warped Tour a couple weeks ago. Since he is friendless and lonely he ended up taking me. Woohoo!

So, around 1030 two white males were seen exiting Kinsolving. Almost an hour later those two white males were seen exiting a McDonalds found on the way to San Antonio. Upon leaving the building a certain redhead suggested that I (being the young gullible, immature male I am) take a trash bag full of Playhouse balls located on the premises off of said premises. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a dare.

After said balls were successfully removed we headed out. For we were resuming our mission of "Warp Tour or Bust '02." We got to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at around 1230.

We tried to set up some kind of itinerary for the day, being the nerds we truly are. Don't deny Patty, don't deny. But, alas, we did not follow it. We ended up just staying at the main stage. It took a little while to figure out how we were going to get onto the ground level (or mosh area). At the time we were in the seats above the pit. Finally, we timed our entrance and went in with a swarm of punk-rockers as a swarm of punk-rockers exited.

From around 1430 and 1800 I waited for New Found Glory. And man, did they put on a hell of a show. Too bad they only played like five songs.

Then, until 1900 we waited for Reel Big Fish. They made the night. I was telling Patricio about their fans. How they are just insane about their band. Well, I guess you could say I was right on the money. They took the stage and everything was calm — for about five seconds. All of a sudden probably close to 300 fans jumped the rails, all the while bum-rushing security guards. I must say, that was a sight. I never thought of actually leaving the Reel Big Fish concert (even though I don't know the words and felt I was blocking true fans). This is mainly because a certain girl that I love loves Reel Big Fish more than she does me.

I guess I am whipped, considering she controlled me from sixty miles away without saying a single word.

Saturday, 2002-06-29

19 years of age

I turned nineteen yesterday and I must say it was the greatest birthday I've probably ever had. Usually I am a very very hard person to get gifts for. That is just because I am unbelievably difficult at times.

I grew up in a family that gives money on birthdays instead of actual gifts. That works great and all — until someone gives you an actual gift. How do you respond? What kind of expectations do they have of your reaction? Needless to say, I have reacted poorly on quite a few occasions in the past year. One of the worst was for a teddy bear that Gemma gave me. I basically rejected it, realizing afterwards the thought and time she had put into getting the bear for me (which should have been more than enough to put a smile on my face).

So this time I wanted to do better. I wanted to act better and be more polite. Turns out though that all of the gifts my beautiful gal gave me were great. Incredible even. Six highly successful gifts out of six.

My brother and sister also went all out. Their gift was so thoughtful and freakin' ingenuous. They sent me pieces to a puzzle they made for every day of the week culminating with the last two pieces on my birthday. Along with every set of pieces came also a well picked card and some money for their poor college student of a brother. When I get a chance I will post a scan of the puzzle they sent me here.

On another note, I finally received the full refund yesterday I was owed by Aletia hosting. I'd say that was perfect timing. More about this on my next post.

All in all, a great birthday made possible by those that I know truly care about me.

One last thing: I haven't mentioned certain other family members that have given me money for my birthday (to help this struggling Longhorn). I am so thankful and grateful to them also.

Wednesday, 2002-06-26

harold and maude

I just finished watching Harold and Maude with Gemma, Meredith and Patrick. I liked it very much. I was a little skeptical of it when Meredith first recommended it at Blockbuster, but I must say I more than enjoyed it. Throughout the movie I busted into laughter (much to the chagrin of my viewing friends and my beautiful girlfriend). But regardless, I know that they really liked the movie too. Of course Meredith did, 'cuz she recommended it.

Sometimes when watching movies I wonder why I laugh the way I do. Maybe I wouldn't if I were alone. I guess I just see watching movies as a team sport in many ways. The ball really gets rolling when you have friends who are on the floor rolling as well. Maybe this is why I like being the captain (I mean watching movies with captions).

Wait, that doesn't make sense. But do I ever?

Monday, 2002-06-24

summer update

This first session of the summer semester has been very difficult. Although I am only taking two classes, Spanish 312k and Physical Science 303k, they are very time consuming. Spanish is now ten times harder than it has ever been for me. That is mainly just because I haven't been dedicating the time to practice the class needs so that I can really learn the language. Before this semester I could find out that I was having a test the day of and do great. That life no longer exists, as far as Spanish is concerned.

As for Physical Science — or as I refer to it when I want to feel all-important: Physics — the class isn't hard at all. It's just the drone of my professor and having the class every day of the week for two hours which frankly wears me out.

If anyone would like to take any of my tests or do my homework without compensation, let me know.

work in progress

In case you haven't realized, this site has been looking pretty poor. I guess you could say I have just been getting lazy. If you wanna be an ass about it.

No promises are going to be made about when it will be finished though because I'm bad at standing behind them. But it should — 'should' denoting my doubts — be ready when I finally get a domain to call my own.

Friday, 2002-06-21

my yo-yo just broke


Thursday, 2002-06-06

back in austin

I got back in Austin on Saturday. That night I moved into my dorm (Kinsolving) and saw The Impossibles. It was their last show. I was pretty bummed afterwards. But not because the show was bad. I was more depressed by the fact that it was so so good. I have began to like them at a bad time I guess. But that shouldn't affect my listening to them. That's because my Gemma burned a copy of their "Anthology" which I have yet to really listen to. But I will. Soon. I promise sweetie.

Saturday, 2002-06-01


I was helping clean my brother's room so my older brother could move into it. Correction: I was in my own room when undisclosed family members began to throw in items from my past. 'Cuz that room had once been mine. I walked out for a second and came back. To my amazement, my Turbo Bumble Bee yo-yo was on my bed. "Wow!" (said with true enthusiasm, seriously). I hadn't seen it in a few years. So with the vigor of a pre-teen I began playing with it and haven't stopped since.