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Thursday, 2002-07-25


Sometimes you really do reap what you sow. What can I say. My sister and girlfriend pulled the worst prank on me today. They both individually convinced me that the Moon had crashed into the Sun. I don't honestly think I have ever felt as bad as I did the moment that thought hit me. Imagine our Earth without the Moon.

Below is evidence for my gullibility:

Olivia: the moon has just crashed into the sun... it is so weird, i don't understand... it is on the news...
Me: what?
Olivia: i am serious
Olivia: turn the news on
Me: i don't understand
Olivia: the moon... it crashed into the sun... not much to understand there!
Me: you are fucking kidding me
Me: what channel
Olivia: no i am not fucking kidding
Olivia: it is on all the news channels
Olivia: i am sure it is the same there
Me: can you see this from outside?
Olivia: yeah
Me: i will call you from outside
Olivia: ok

More evidence:

Gemma: the moon just crashed into the sun
Me: what?
Me: oh my god
Me: no, you are kidding
Me: i will be back
Gemma: ok
Me: i will call you from outside
Gemma: no don't go outside!


2002-07-25 01:19 / Olivia:

All I have to say is, "Everyone is gullible, I don't care who you are."

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