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Thursday, 2003-01-02

thanks scotland

Scotland isn't only breathtakingly beautiful (that alone would have been enough to satisfy me). It is also a non-biased macroscope which enabled me to see my country and home in a different light.

Here's a very basic list of ten of the many things I learned during my stay:

  1. Electrical outlets are configured differently.
  2. Smoking is common. Very common. I honestly witnessed a 12 year old (based on my own guesstimation) requesting a cigarette.
  3. Cars are smaller.
  4. Petrol (a.k.a. gasoline in the States) costs almost three and a half times the amount it does in the States.
  5. I could have legally drank at the age of 18. Probably earlier.
  6. American beers are imported to the UK. What tha?
  7. Mel Gibson has been found on many occasions to be William Wallace's model for the creation of statues and t-shirts. This "What tha?" definitely trumps the previously mentioned one.
  8. British news is better than bloodthirsty state-side news (British Pop does still suck, however; work on that).
  9. Europeans think that we Americans are all gun-toting non-voters. Guess what? They're right.
  10. The United States is truly The New World, comparatively.

Scotland has been a welcoming host and teacher. And I am extremely grateful to the many people who have shown this American both kindness and good times. Cheers!


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