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Tuesday, 2004-09-21

smeared [blue] ink

Speaking of The Postal Service, two priceless (and isolated) events happened yesterday involving their music and my dogs.

Even though I happen to really like The Postal Service, that doesn't mean Sigmund (Dachshund #1) has to. As I listened to their album, Sigmund shivered. When I hit pause he settled calmly. And was shaken up — without delay — when The Postal Service went back into rotation.

At a later point in the day, I found Roary (Dachshund #2) destroying a blue pen, which he'd "happened" upon. Ink was everywhere. On the bed. On the carpet. And all over his fur. Knowing the moment was precious, Gemma grabbed the camera. A couple minutes later, I started up The Postal Service again. The first song, "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight," begins with "Smeared black ink," which I think says it all.


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