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Tuesday, 2005-01-11

ipod shuffle

Steve Jobs at the Macworld keynote, in reference to the new iPod Shuffle (my transcript):

I heard a little rumor that there might be some over at the Apple Store a few blocks away.

As I read the rough transcript at The Mac Observer's Live Coverage article I knew it'd be on eBay in no time; especially considering it won't be on the shelves/shipping for at least a week.

Hunch: right — search for iPod Shuffle and you shall see.

Sunday, 2005-01-09

interview with michael powell

I'd like to have heard the audio of this interaction. Michael Powell's wording was too grandiose to have been "called out" so easily (his admission in italics, my emphasis).

The Reluctant Planner
Michael Powell interviewed by Drew Clark, Nick Gillespie and Jesse Walker, Reason

Powell: I'm an antitrust lawyer. I completely accept that concentration at some measurable level becomes anti-competitive and harmful to the American consumer.

Reason: Can you give an example of that?

Powell: There's Standard Oil.

Reason: Most of the revisionist histories of Standard Oil show that by the time it had its maximum market penetration, it was actually charging less for oil.

Powell: You may know more about the specifics of Standard Oil than I. But...

Come on Mr. Powell, Standard Oil? Of all monopolies to choose from, you pick a trust broken up near the beginning of the last century? Can we not think of anything more recent, say AT&T?

AT&T aligns more closely with communications regulation than Standard Oil. But maybe you are just too far in the pocket of the telcos to mention the Bell monopoly? At least pick an example you're familiar with.

Saturday, 2005-01-08

out at trudy's

Evan and I went to Trudy's Central for dinner before heading to a couple bars downtown. I'll point out some details from the meal; infer what you will.

As I finished my meal, our waiter asked if he could take my plate. Told him I was still working on it. He replied, "good, because then you'll be a part of the Happy Plate Club." What the? Later declared me the winner because my plate was clear while Evan's wasn't. Again, seriously?

The waiter stopped by and picked up/fondled my cell phone. Said he liked it a lot, particularly because it's black. Well not exactly, I thought, as it's actually blue. He might have noticed this if he hadn't looked at me the entire time it was felt up by his hands.

After the waiter dropped the check, he called Evan's glasses cool. Seemed like a pity compliment, though. Sorry Ev, what can I say; actually, there is something to be said — I'm just way hotter.

The host kept our Ice Tea pleasantly full the ENTIRE evening. Coincidental that he was a flamer? Considering other occurrences, probably not. Can two straight male friends hang out over a nice romantic meal and not be treated like partners? I mean damn, you know!

This has been a Post to the Past Production.

Friday, 2005-01-07

the promise

Scotland and France were wonderful hosts. So were my extended families — that of Gemma's in Scotland and Gabby/Liz's in France.

The promise of catch-up articles documenting my trip to Europe in the previous article are no longer forthcoming. Chalk it up to a lack of notes taken; and more time spent in the company of others than in front of the laptop.