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Saturday, 2004-05-29


Living in Austin, it's kind of hard to see exactly how much I take this city for granted. Upon leaving for New York, I think I've figured what makes this city so special to me, in no particular order:

Austin is an island.

Austin has a center.

Austin is beautiful.

Austin is creative.

Austin is weird.

These are all aspects of a town that I will no doubt miss for the next two months. With a little more brainstorming, there'd probably be a lot more to add.

Wednesday, 2004-05-26

bite the big apple

Gemma and I head out to New York in just a couple of days. We'll be there until early August, staying with a best friend. This means my 21st birthday (and the summer of) will be in the greatest of cities — never been, so this isn't said from personal experience. Not bad for a milestone if you ask me.

Everything is set, including itinerary, 'cept for one rather important detail: I'll be traveling without a laptop, or at the very least with a broken one.

My intentions, once there, are to intern and freelance my web design capabilities. Considering this and how I seem to fail at functioning sans laptop, what to do other than buy a new one?

I've pledged to switch, whether I buy another laptop or not, so purchasing an Apple now will only hasten the process. But the decision-making doesn't hinge there; iBook or PowerBook, that is the burning question.

Funny thing — if I indeed make a determination: whatever I choose will be an accesory to my iPod. Doesn't it usually go the other way around? Oh, I get it. Good one, Steve!

Tuesday, 2004-05-18

keen eddie on dvd!

The only new TV show I've liked in the past couple years, Keen Eddie, has had a bit of a rough run. It's now set, though, to be released on DVD!

This news is the reason for the most use of exclamation points while instant messaging (and probably while blogging) ever! See! I can't contain my excitement!

Monday, 2004-05-17

rhythm or caffeine?

Not sure whether I presently have rhythm in my blood or just caffeine. It's 05:08 and my leg's a-twitchin'.

Friday, 2004-05-14


My first entry at psuedo pseudodictionary was recently accepted. The word: webland, used in the previous post.

Wednesday, 2004-05-12

the magnifier

Shawn, if you are out there (actually here) in webland I know you'd find the Magnifier a virtual treat.

Sunday, 2004-05-09

fair use has a what?

Unlike the cool kids that are capable of putting stickers on their laptops chaotically, I have to position them surgically.

I'm tragically un-cool.

Regardless, I enjoy watching people double-take my EFF quote, which reads "FAIR USE HAS A POSSE".

Fair use has a, nu-uh, it doesn't say that. Or does it? The "oh!" face immediately — well, not for everyone — follows. Then a puzzled "I don't get it" befalls the casual viewer. You probably never will.

So I'm not hip; but at least I have my arrogance to fall back on.

Friday, 2004-05-07

css zen garden

Today the CSS Zen Garden turns one year. That's a year of inspirations that have convinced even the CSS naysayers that employing web standards doesn't limit the palette.

I've visited the site since its earliest days and still find myself invigorated by the boundless capabilities of CSS (and the extent that designers, given the opportunity, can think outside of the box). Check out Wiggles the Wonderworm by Joseph Pearson to see why my my jaw dropped, just now.

Congratulations to all who have contributed and especially to Dave Shea, the Garden's founder. Raising a glass to the future of the web!

Monday, 2004-05-03

something's abrew at google

Wondering what Google's cooking. Hopefully whatever their test is for, it'll warrant my excitement, because you know, my opinion with such things matters.

Update: Google Blog now live [via evhead]. Not the same URL as, but I imagine that location will eventually be the home of a new blog searching site division.

carrot (now on) top

Why'd Carrot Top start getting the ladies in the 1 800 CALL ATT adverts? As annoying as he is, I'd accustomed to the commercials where Mr. Top was the punchline, but those glorious days seem no more.

Carrot Top. C'mon gals, have standards fallen this low?

Sunday, 2004-05-02

friends, not!

I periodically direct criticism at the sheep who blindly follow the Friends marketing machine, ahem, series. It is probably fitting, therefore, that I take an active role at Friends - The Weblog Diaries, a parody site guised as the official blog of the cast.

As the Friends season finale airs, I'll portray Ross in a live chat with the rest of the cast. Considering the countless number of fans who have already fallen as fools at the website before, this should be a romp of a good time.