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Saturday, 2002-07-27

i have a problem with an option here...

13. Yellow Journalism was sensationalistic use of photos, focusing on personality and human interest stories

a. False, Yellow Journalism was developed in the 60's covering the rise in drug use
b. False, Yellow Journalism refers only to the use of yellow paper for the newsprint
c. False, Yellow Journalism was coverage of events in Asia
d. True

Thursday, 2002-07-25

talks of physics amidst laughter

Turns out I was right. I mentioned what happened yesterday (to me) to the Spanish department folks, that I usually eat lunch with, lunch of course. First, I heard laughter. But what came next should have been expected.

What really bothers me about it all is that I know basic planetary physics. I know that in order for our Moon to crash into the Sun the Moon would have to break gravity with our Earth. So, if such an event were to occur, we probably wouldn't be alive to witness it. Because our planet would most likely be knocked out of whack as well (not even taking into account the distance from the Moon to the Sun).

It is just that at the time of the prank (if that is what it should be called) physics flew out the window. Any logic that I had crashed and burned along with the Moon. So what am I left with besides embarrassment? The feeling that I am an idiot, even though I know I am not.


Sometimes you really do reap what you sow. What can I say. My sister and girlfriend pulled the worst prank on me today. They both individually convinced me that the Moon had crashed into the Sun. I don't honestly think I have ever felt as bad as I did the moment that thought hit me. Imagine our Earth without the Moon.

Below is evidence for my gullibility:

Olivia: the moon has just crashed into the sun... it is so weird, i don't understand... it is on the news...
Me: what?
Olivia: i am serious
Olivia: turn the news on
Me: i don't understand
Olivia: the moon... it crashed into the sun... not much to understand there!
Me: you are fucking kidding me
Me: what channel
Olivia: no i am not fucking kidding
Olivia: it is on all the news channels
Olivia: i am sure it is the same there
Me: can you see this from outside?
Olivia: yeah
Me: i will call you from outside
Olivia: ok

More evidence:

Gemma: the moon just crashed into the sun
Me: what?
Me: oh my god
Me: no, you are kidding
Me: i will be back
Gemma: ok
Me: i will call you from outside
Gemma: no don't go outside!

Wednesday, 2002-07-24

drugs and condoms

College is really a learning experience. Actually, to better phrase that, it is an experience of many experiences that shape what you are to become (whether for the better or worse).

For the past couple months I have been working with my ex-Spanish professor. I say 'ex' because he taught me SPN 506 in the Fall 2001 semester. We haze each other pretty rough. I generally like to mess with people and thus say things in a serious manner so as to confuse them. All in good fun, though. I just like to see how people react to different situations/comments.

Well, one day, Professor Montiel said that he would like to see my room. Mainly because I always brag about how clean of a person I am. I saw this as a perfect situation to pick on the old man (see reference to hazing above). My response was something along the lines of "you need to give me a little advance warning, so I can hide the drugs and condoms that are currently strewn around the room."

He took me seriously, but at this time I had no idea. Fast-forward a couple of days to a mention he made to some people in the lab we work in. Basically, he repeated what I said about my room, in a very serious manner. I told him that what I had said was just a joke. And a look of confusion registered on his face. My practice of deception worked yet again. But little did I know the repercussions.

Every day now, Professor Montiel, various Spanish department employees and I go out to eat lunch. And every day I can expect a crack about my heroin or crack addiction. Now I'm reaping what I've sewn and am taking the hazing that I rightfully deserve (quite a bit).

Monday, 2002-07-22

quote: steven wright

What's another word for thesaurus? Steven Wright

register to vote

Seriously. The only way you will have a voice is if you vote. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, conservative or liberal, white or black (or any color in between). All that matters is that you have a voice. Now, speak up.

Wednesday, 2002-07-17

spanish and physical science

I couldn't believe my eyes earlier today when I logged on to UT Direct to get a grade report for both Spanish and Physical Science (which I just finished last Friday). "I got an 'A' for Spanish 312k. No way?!?!" That was totally out of left-field. I knew I had done well in the class (but I figured only mid to high 'B' range). I was in total shock. The first person I had to wake up was Gemma. Had I had time I probably would've called more people. I guess I didn't want my excitement to run over to my RTF 309 (Radio, Television, and Film) class at 10:00.

I was a little disappointed in myself, however, when I saw a 'B' for Physical Science. I should've got an 'A' in that class. Only that is what happens when you fail to do homework thoroughly. Nevertheless, an 'A' in Spanish! Woohoo!

Monday, 2002-07-15

'02 birthday gift no. 2

Birthday Puzzle

Tuesday, 2002-07-09


I just read and signed the online petition: Save MTVX.

I miss rock on MTV. If you do as well, consider signing the petition.

Monday, 2002-07-08

'02 birthday gift no. 1

One of the gifts I got for my birthday was "The Original 'Tiger Cookie Jar.'" He would like to say, "Get yo' hand out my cookie jar."

Thursday, 2002-07-04

when i make up my mind

I mentioned a post or two ago how Aletia Hosting has given me a full refund. This money is going to be used to buy my domain via and webhosting services through 2MHost. From the moment I joined Aletia I got poor service, and finally I realized I would have to ask for a full refund soon (because the thirty day full refund time period was about to run out). They sent it to me, but it took a truly threatening email. So, on to why I am really making this post...

I was just battling (only in my mind) whether I should get To tell you the truth, I have been considering getting it for a couple weeks or more. This post was going to be a call for ideas for domain name ideas, but I have decided I don't need your input. Circa 1983 it is. When opens up who knows what'll happen. I might just get it too.