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Thursday, 2003-02-27

linux vs mac osx


An Anonymous Reader writes "According to this guy I know who works in the IT industry, Linux has recently overtaken Mac OSX on the desktop. This is so cool. I cannot believe it. When I asked him where these data come from, he pointed at his computer. His computer runs Red Hat Linux. He used to run Mac OSX on a Powerbook. But the Powerbook is no longer on his desktop, so Linux now has 100% marketshare on his desktop.

w00t w00t!

For those of you that might not understand all this, it's a satire of a geek community called Slashdot. Slashdotters tend to be huge Linux fans and would happily see the Operating System overtake OSX, or any other mainstream OS for that matter.

[One more thing: Notice that every letter in Slashdot can be found in Dashslot. Genius]

Monday, 2003-02-24

standing in line at emo's

For the first time at Emo's, I waited in a line. Not only a line, but one that snaked around the back of the building. In walking past fellow concert-goers, I realized a couple of things. For one, both Gemma and I were older than most. My second realization ties directly into the first: there were a bunch of really young girls in the queue decked out in all out Avril garb. If their long dark hair and well smudged black eyeliner didn't key them off, their studded wrist bands, black thrift store capris and well worn-in Converse All Stars did. Keeping with the pattern, the third thing I realized also ties in. This was definitely a Something Corporate audience. These were the type of girls that probably wanted to take a lock of the lead singers' hair. More on this later.

As much as I pick on these girls though, it's all very ironic. Just a couple years ago, Gemma insists she would have been one of these pop-punk teeny boppers. Although she didn't rip the Avril look.

After waiting for a little while, we were finally let in. Only to wait again. This time for the doors to the main stage area to open.

At this point I was very ready to see both Something Corporate and The Juliana Theory. Not Vendetta Red screaming. Which I stood and watched only to hold a good place in the audience. After this "act" came Steel Train. They rocked the house. They had this punk / funk / emo feel (that for our purposes I'll call pfunkemo) which was unlike anything I've ever heard. And I mean that in the most positive way possible. I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't buy their EP, being cashless and all.

Next came the headliners, which I had both previously seen (albeit on separate occasions). Something Corporate — despite the Something Corporate teeny-bopper bashing above — had a first-class set. The lead singer is a total bad ass on the piano. Maybe this is why the girls swoon over him. Or, is it his sensitivity? Most likely a combination of the both. And the hair. The girls started yanking at it every time he leaned into the crowd. I've defended Something Corporate to my SXSW coworkers quite a few times (because they were close to coming to the SXSW Music Conference).

As for The Juliana Theory, I thought they sounded great, as I'd anticipated. Their new sound is familiar yet a break from what came before. Even through all my bickering, the day was a great one all in all for music (or at least for my tastes).

Saturday, 2003-02-22

humble beginnings

Although the content on my blog these days isn't necessarily Bloggie worthy (and probably never has been), I still regret the majority of my first month's posts. I feel all that crap is far enough away now that I can defend myself.

I was a freshman in college.

Those posts were part of a project that I had started using Blogger. Basically, I intended to archive whatever I put into my AIM profile. Lame.

Every now and then I go back to those first posts, check them out, then cringe. Hopefully one day I'll accept them for what they were. The terrible twos of my adventure into blogging.

Friday, 2003-02-21

elijah, no, you can't possibly be

For the record, Elijah Wood is very very gay. I just found out today (via: Entensity). I must say I'm very disappointed.

Just kidding. The site creator is as well. Joking, I mean. Is joking.

cats in the buff

I'm not usually a big fan of cats, but Bordella Publishing's Live Nude Cats is hot! Warning: this link isn't safe for public consumption (i.e. work / school), for there are "Frolicking Furry Feline Photos Inside."

my size occasionally gets in the way

Big hands and small sinks. The combination makes for an unhappy me. Though that isn't the extent of my pet peeves that come as a result of my size. Movie theaters tend to now make hand dryers that stick out only a couple inches from the wall. If you have big hands, you know that's more than a little annoying.

Here's another thing that bothers me: try getting a pair of stylish size fifteen shoes [not of the Big and Tall / High and Mighty type] in a regular shoe store. Yeah, there'll be a pair or two (altogether). But will they be the ones that really catch your eyes? Highly unlikely.

Tuesday, 2003-02-18

clinton's speech

I can't possibly explain how much I enjoyed Clinton's speech. He discussed many issues that I feel strongly about in such a manner that motivated me to both stand and applaud.

His political views — when he finally allowed them to surface — had his audience in an uproar of agreement. He, a rich white guy [paraphrased of course], firmly believes against Bush's tax cut proposal, even though he'd be a beneficiary.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I've long said that I will happily give up a large sum of my wages in taxes to support others who are less fortunate [note: no longer is this just a promise. I actually am doing so]. And have felt this would be the best benefit for the economy. But a former president was voicing this opinion. Talk about validation for one's beliefs. This is why I think he received such tremendous applaud.

Wednesday, 2003-02-12

still my president

I'm headed out now to see Bill Clinton speak at the Frank Erwin center. Needless to say, I am f***ing excited! I'll make sure to fill you in on the details when I get back. Oh, and yeah. Clinton is "still my president." Not Shrubya.

Sunday, 2003-02-09


I like Windows XP. It's very stable. Having been a fan since I first bought a copy in Fall '02 at the Campus CompUTer Store, I've always wondered one thing. WTF does XP mean? I did a search, and came up with a few results. Supposedly, it officially means eXPerience, as in "eXPerience the unEXpected." Others believe differently.

Friday, 2003-02-07

west nile virus

I've seen three dead birds in about as many days. I've been told by the government to help my community (by reporting dead bird sightings?). Yet I don't really feel like furthering a currently unwarranted, government propelled scare. Remember the African Killer Bees? They never came. But they sure scared the hell out of some white people.

Monday, 2003-02-03

still still here

It took a little prodding and advice...but finally my Movable Type database files were reconfigured for the new servers. My host moved my files too.

I blame everyone else but me for my absence.