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The Writings on the Stall

Monday, 2002-04-29

things that suck list

Soon to be appended...I'm sure.

My computer has been very finicky these days. AOL Instant Messenger disconnects whenever it feels like it. I can't download pirated music anymore because Kazaa keeps giving me a fatal error. Shame, I know. And to top it all off I have a TLC project looming over my head. My fellow procrastinating group members and I barely started it last night. Note: the 3000 page paper is due tomorrow.

Update: Use Kazaa Lite instead. No ad/spyware.

Sunday, 2002-04-28

i had to post


Monday, 2002-04-22

the writings on the stall, updated

Finally an update to The Writings on the Stall. You can now easily submit an image or picture. For now the site is up to my standards. Yeah, it won't be in just a little while. And you can quote me on that.

Saturday, 2002-04-20

40 acres fest

Today I got to see my boy Luda. He came down for 40 Acres Fest. It was a tight show. He had The University of Texas bangin', fo' sho. Or at least the West Mall.

I felt for the students passing by with backpacks dragging them down. They should have been partyin' Word of Mouf style.

Friday, 2002-04-19

today's a fabulous day

Two messages made my day today. The first was a personal letter my girlfriend gave me. The second was from ROSE, our online registration service at UT: 73465 RTF S309 has been ADDED. A simple message. But one that has kept me delirious since the very moment I saw it. Off to eat some Amy's Ice Cream with friends.

ice cream + free = happiness

Today, I got an offer for free all I can eat Amy's Ice Cream. Why am I not there right now? Um. Good question. I'm registering and ROSE is not complying. Every class I want isn't available. So when I finish I am heading over to the Anna Hiss Courtyard behind the MBB. You are invited. That is if you can make it to The University of Texas between 16:00 and 18:00.

Thursday, 2002-04-18

in the beginning was... the apple iie

I managed to turn in my assignment for TLC in on time. The paper that I wrote was a narrative comparison of my history with computers with that of Neal Stephenson. The book that I read is called 'In The Beginning... Was The Command Line'. Hence the title of my paper, a direct rip. If you wanted to check it out be my guest.

kmx energy drink at 05:35

I found out at around 23:00 last nite that I have a paper due today for TLC 321. Then I remembered that a reading went along with it. 'In The Beginning... Was The Command Line' is an interesting book about technology and how many ways it is impacted by culture and vice versa. Highly recommended (esp. if you're a self-diagnosed nerd).

I haven't started my great American autobiography of how I have and am using technology yet. Smooth move Jonathan. This I know. That is why I have a KMX energy drink to my immediate right. Mmmmm. Right now I can feel my heart pumping caffeine to every capillary in my tired lil body.

Sunday, 2002-04-14

what a day

...more like what a yesterday. That's because it is now close to 0100. I stayed up Monday night till 0600 studying for my Economics test. In addition I studied Sunday night. What did my lack of sleep serve? A 60. Yeah, your eyes didn't deceive you. Well, what does this mean for me? Um, I need to whip the final so as to get the coveted 'B' award. That's the other thing: I was poised to get an 'A' before this test.

Until my next chance to complain when we meet again. Hold your horses! Wait a couple days. I'll have one.

Friday, 2002-04-12

movable type

I transplanted all the posts I had originally blogged using Blogger over to the Movable Type content management system. I would still recommend Blogger to anyone. But I myself had to move it because it was becoming a bit too constraining. And the services I really wanted cost another $50. Pshhh!

Movable Type isn't for the light of heart though. Installation was a chore. And you really need a place you can directly ftp to.

A feature that came with the service: commenting. Leave comments whenever you want. Just know that I will remove any comment I believe to be hurtful to others. As for any criticisms of me or my site, go right ahead. On another note, please comment for any posts that have an invalid link or error.

lady astor to sir winston churchill

If you were my husband, I'd put arsenic in your coffee. Lady Astor

If I were your husband, I'd drink it! Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, 2002-04-11

on to posting about my shitty day

I understand that everyone has bad days. Today has been one of them. But what bothers me the most is that today was chosen to be rained on. Today is Gemma and my fifth month (every month matters for that first year) anniversary. Well, when I finally get a break to spend some time with my Gemma later today I know she will cheer me up. So don't cry for me, just yet.

Wednesday, 2002-04-10

no talking

Today, I intend to not talk. At all. You can read why I will be silent today at a post I put up earlier.

Monday, 2002-04-08

i know i've been chronocentric before

The following is an excerpt from the same book I was reading before about the telegraph: 'The Victorian Internet' by Tom Standage.

"Such reactions are amplified by what might be termed chronocentricity — the egotism that one's own generation is poised on the very cusp of history."

day of silence

On April 10th I plan to take a vow of silence to honor those who have been silenced due to hatred and oppression. I will be handing out cards. Print them out if you like.

What are you going to do to end the silence? Day of Silence Project.

Saturday, 2002-04-06

jester jamfest, 2002

I got to go to Jester Jamfest to check out some bands earlier. Two friends — Dee and Kassi — played huge roles in setting the event up. This coolest part of the happenings were the Bungee Run and Spaceball Gyroscope. Matt got further than I did on the Bungee Run. But he is a big stupidhead. The Spaceball Gyroscope was rickety and rusted. I think my heart actually went into my throat on a couple "gravity defying" spins. Oh, and I won a roll of Longhorn emblazoned gift-wrap. It was the secret "grand prize" of a self-proclaimed emo band. To win it I had to use the same toothbrush that the lead singer used earlier in the show for 43 seconds. What an arbitrary number by the way. Well, that's it.

Friday, 2002-04-05

a joke as old as yo' mama

Around AD 450, a book was compiled of 265 jokes. It was called Philogelos or "laughter lover." Remarkably some of the jokes are still funny. Like the following.

A witty young student ran out of money and sold his school books. He wrote to his father and said, 'Congratulate me, father, for I am already making money from my studies.'

a great day

For me Thursday is the best day of the week. I realize that I still have Spanish tomorrow at 1 o'clock in the morning, early I know, but the tough part of the week is over. No more boring Economics...til next Tuesday that is. And I went to the arcades with friends today. I got to play Dance Dance Revolution, DDR for the informed, and RUSH 2049. Afterwards we headed over to Kerbey Lane Cafe. And had Kerbey Queso and home fries! My personally recommended favorites.

Wednesday, 2002-04-03

the telegraph

I have been reading a book called The Victorian Internet for my Intro to TLC class. The book documents the rise and fall of the telegraph. Interesting, I know. But what keeps me awake when I am reading it are the similarities of the telegraph, referred to as "The Victorian Internet," and the Internet as we know it today.

The gist of this post...? Every chapter in the book has an excerpt from a newspaper or poem written about the telegraph. My favorite is the excerpt below, taken from a poem called "The Victory" written in tribute to Samuel Morse, 1872.

"We are one!" said the nation, and hand met hand,
in a thrill electric from land to land.

And onto another favorite (also from "The Victory").

But one morning he made a slender wire.
As an artist's vision took life and form.
While he drew from heaven the strange, fierce fire
That reddens the edge of the midnight storm;
And he carried it over the Mountain's crest,
And dropped it into the Ocean's breast;
And Science proclaimed, from shore to shore,
That Time and Space ruled man no more.

The first poem explains itself. But the second may need some clarification. At the time the poem was published, the telegraph was the wave of the future. For the longest time, the idea of instantaneous communication between America and Britain was proposterous. Within the span of twenty years though, the world became much smaller as a result of the first, and following, telegraph connections between the nations. The telegraph system was dropped into the ocean. And no longer was man bound by space or time.

Tuesday, 2002-04-02

take control

I have known for quite a while that I am an irresponsible and scatter-brained person. Today, and in the past couple months, I have realized this even more so. For the first time in my life I have been truly confronted with this problem. But now I finally decided to do something about it. So I headed over to to find a program to fix my problem. Well, I found something that may do the trick. It's called Time Calendar and it looks promising. Wish me luck.

Monday, 2002-04-01

april fools, where the joke is always on me

I sent my girlfriend an April Fool's ecard today. Here's how it read:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
How shall I say this... I'm Leaving you.
Gotcha! April Fools!

Our conversation afterwards:

Me: hey
Gemma: hi
Me: that card was a joke. but i realized after i sent it, a bad one
Me: i am sorry
Gemma: that wasn't funny
Me: i know
Gemma: i'm mad
Me: i don't blame you
Me: at all
Gemma: don't toy with peoples' emotions
Me: i usually don't and won't again
Gemma: april fools
Gemma: booya
Me: ah
Me: i got got

new rule

No matter what you do, something cool will not pop up if you forward an email to eleven people. Bill Gates will not give money.

Hotmail will not close your account, unless your email account is 30 days inactive. Official emails from Hotmail will have the following symbol next to the email's subject: Hotmail official news icon.

Your love life will not be damned. Your crush will not fall in love with you. That would take a miracle. No one is monitoring emails to send money to little Billy who has cancer in Florida. And I've seen enough dancing hamsters to last a lifetime. So don't send me another useless forward.